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Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc – Dr. Asmaa Chaudhry

Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc – Dr. Asmaa Chaudhry

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Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 3 Fan reviews
Centreville/Sterling, Virginia, USA
(866) 808-3320
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Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc – Dr. Asmaa Chaudhry
has given a 5 out of 5 star rating on
The waiting room was large, spacious, clean, and modern. A flat screen TV with medical information and plenty of treatment brochures and pamphlets kept me entertained for the ten minutes we waited. The staff was courteous and efficient. I didn't experience any loud behavior or rudeness whatsoever. We filled out our paperwork and we were treated with the utmost of respect. Waited about ten minutes after that, when we were called in by a nurse who was also pleasant and polite. We met with Dr. Chaudry, who is new to the practice. So new, in fact, that her name doesn't appear on their brochures yet. She does have a business card at the front desk however. She did not keep us waiting long at all, just a mere few minutes. She was very nice, took time with my son, and gave some great recommendations. She prescribed some low level creams for his mild case of acne but did not try to push anything on us. The nurse submitted the prescriptions electronically for him so all we had to do was go pick them up at the pharmacy of our choice. My son and I both felt comfortable talking to Dr. Chaudry, and I would not hesitate to ask for her again or to recommend her to others. The nurse gave us a discount card to use for the Retin-A the doctor recommended, so the cost would be no higher than $25. I appreciated that.
Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc – Dr. Asmaa Chaudhry
has given a 5 out of 5 star rating on
Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Chaudhry and all the staff at the office. She is very attentive and knowledgeable.
Dermatology Associates of Northern Virginia, Inc – Dr. Asmaa Chaudhry
has given a 5 out of 5 star rating on
I never write reviews as I am way too occupied with work but I felt compelled to take a minute of my day to write about my experience with DAN. First, they were the only dermatologists in NOVA that could actually see me within 3 or 4 days from the time I called. Most others were so busy that they had a waiting time of 30 days. I had this terrible itching scalp and I just wanted to set fire to it. I could not wait a month to see a damn doctor. Second, NEVER in my life have I seen a doctor right on time, until I came to this place. Dr. Chaudhry, actually saw me at 3:30 p.m. sharp. I only waited about 7 minutes in the lobby and less than 5 in the examining room. Third, Dr. Chaudry was very pleasant (not to mention very pretty). She took the time to actually check for things, and ask me questions about me. I know it sounds ridiculous that I was actually impressed by such encounter but it is hard to find doctors that make an attempt to look like they care. She asked me twice if I had any other questions. Again, this is rare with specialists. They usually want you out of their offices before you can even introduce yourself. Fourth, she had the nurse, Laura, get me a sample and a coupon for my medicine. I later found out that the coupon that she gave me, brought the price down of my medicine from $200 to $25. Thank God. I was able to eat a $100 dollar steak dinner that night with those savings. Fifth, the medicine is actually working. After going through several treatments, different medicines and different doctors, Dr. Chaudhry was able to give me some relief. Albeit, temporary I suppose. Sixth, they are open Saturdays (I wish I had known that before I made my appointment on a Friday).

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