Bragg Phillips - One of the most talented woman I know, cares about her customers like they are family. Also knows what she is doing!!!   |    Megan Garrity-Dressman - I will only use Karen. She is so responsible and takes such wonderful care of our dog Charley. We never have any worries when we leave town!! Thanks for everything Karen!!!   |   Connie - The pizza is always made fresh with the finest ingredients. They are so consistent. Everytime we order we see their pride and high standards shine thru. They are also amazing people who make every visit a real pleasure.   |   Rachel Smith - The service is amazing, the girls always do an amazing job I always leave feeling my best.   |   Tracy - Wendy is incredible! She does an amazing job with my dogs.   |   Brett Muscat - great people great service great cut.   |   Jessica - My go-to for everything when it comes to my hair! Friendly staff and a welcoming environment. I don't go anywhere else for my hair care.   |   Christina - Rachel has been my stylist for 10 years! I couldn't recommend her enough. Her expertise in choosing the right colour for your face, skin tone it has to be seen! Ask for 2 things Hair Steam (to die for) Hair Contouring yep that's right! You will thank me later!   |   Yamini Thaker - Ranjeeta has done excellent henna work and makeup for our anniversary party.   |   Sarah - Best pizza ever - it's made with love.   |   Sarahbella - They are a great family on business. And they have the most wonderful service, the perfect pizza and the best breadsticks! I drive all the way across town just to get their breadsticks and see their smile.   |   Sue MacDonald - Richmoors Pizzeria Pizza is PRIMO because it satisfies deliciously! They are generous with their toppings and they cook the love right in. It shows!   |   Amy - My family loves 12 Tattoos, the staff has always made us feel welcome¸Dawn, Steve, tommy & Bri especially.   |   Karla - The artists do amazing work….   |   Jackie Burt - They have the best pizza and vegan options which are also delicious!!   |   Julie - Awesome experience, awesome!!!   |   Jessica - Richmoors Pizzeria, is one of the BEST places to get Pizza, Panzorotti, Poutine, Salad, you name it! They have AMAZING prices, great Customer Service & everything else! (:   |   Chalette Kizer - Lush Nail has amazing service with top quality! Sharnise is always sure to cater for her customers 100%! Unique designs!   |   Doris Buck - She always does an awesome job on my hair.   |   Ashley - My hair turned out amazing!!!   |   Esperanza Garcia - I finally found a salon that makes me so happy. They are very professional, truly care about you and give the best services.   |   Kristin Linderman - I have been going here over 10 years and would never think of going anywhere else.. Julie is an amazing hair stylist and cares about everyone's hair... You rock Julie!!   |   Jennifer Natale - From the time you walk in Rachel and her team treat you like you are their favourite customer. So professional and so warm, and amazing hairdressers!   |   Taylah Robinson - Always a friendly, upbeat vibe -- I literally would follow Rachel anywhere she goes... I will not let anyone do anything to my hair except her, she is amazing!   |   Lisa - The pizza is simply amazing. The choices and pizza of the month gets you you try new things. Then the customer service is spot on....friendly and not just because you are there p8cking up a pizza. It's genuine.   |   Jocelyn - Rachel is never about making money, she is all about what is best for the client. Complete honesty all the time. Rachel always is learning and sharpening her skills- on trend!!   |   Autumn White Wolf - I have known Scott and Ann for many years. Both are kind compassionate people. They have taken excellent care of all my animals. Over the years I have had 10 pets an numerous rescues. I would not even think of going any other place. I refer every one to them. As I said, They are the best.   |   Beck V. - Amazing friendly service and fabulous hair.   |   Melissa Baldacchino - Amazing ladies in the salon, breathtaking and beautiful results of hair being done   |   Suzie Cheikho - Best hair dressing salon and beautiful ladies working there especially Gina the manager and owner.   |   Alison - I have a few tattoos that were done by Dave. He has always made sure I am comfortable. He always has time to answer any questions I may have. His goal is to make sure you are happy with the work. If I didn't live so far away now I would have even more tattoos done by him.   |   
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