Promotional Tools for Your Business

Put our brand to work for you! Use these marketing tools and eye-catching items to attract customers’ attention, boost reviews and bring in new business.

Website Review Widget

What your customers say about you is the ultimate ‘social proof’ that will put you ahead of the competition. Imagine having a page full of real life testimonials like this on your website:
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Facebook Review App

By installing the Fans' Choice Reviews App you're able to leverage existing Fans' Choice reviews. The best part is there's absolutely no HTML or coding ability required – simply follow our easy installation guide to begin sharing valuable feedback with ardent fans!

FREE Printable Custom Sign Board!

Fan Sign Boards help increase business visibility and share-ability. They’re great ice-breakers that introduce fans to your social media efforts and are a fun way for your raving fans to help advertise your business on their social media accounts!


Our popular, attention-getting stickers can help bring more people through your door.

Top Fan Raving Business Stickers

Fan’s Choice Top Businesses recognizes the right blend for success out of the 50 000 businesses and counting on board. Once your business is on one of our Top Businesses, they have to work hard to stay there. Promote your brand by flaunting your success with these stickers which should attract immediate attention of potential fans.

Top Business Recognition Plaques

Build Credibility, Trust & Reassure prospective fans that you are one of the most experienced, skilled, and trusted in your business field. Being recognized as a Fans' Choice Top Business is an honor, and deserves to be showcased for shoppers, customers and fans to see and to be inspired by for years to come.

Business Cards

Showcase your brand – and your presence on the world’s largest businesses site – with customizable cards.


Being recognized and respected by your fans is a powerful testament to the quality of service you provide. Promote your brand by flaunting your success at Fans' Choice.

Social Media Promotional Banner

Share the banner in your facebook page, twitter, instagram and any social platform and you will be amazed how many people think highly of you enough to spread the word.