Center for Holistic Dentistry

Center for Holistic Dentistry

(1) Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars Center for Holistic Dentistry 12381 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 103, West Los Angeles, California, 90025, USA (310) 340-0153
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Center for Holistic Dentistry
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I am normally OK with the dentist I get 3 to 4 cleanings a year. I normally like to try out different offices different hygienist however I think I came across one of if not the most caring and well educated hygienist . Jaymie was completely thorough during my cleaning treatment, she was informative and I felt like I left with a great understanding of the importance of where I am and how I can improve. I believe this office visit at Center for holistic dentistry was one of the best hygiene office visits I have ever had. I appreciated Jaymie educating me about O-Zone and laser bacteria reduction. Thank your for your great services Dr. Dalwani and Staff I look forward to my next visit .

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