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Dental Health And Wellness

Dental Health And Wellness

(1) Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars Chris Brady, DDS 2435 Research Pkwy #250, Colorado Springs, , Colorado, 80920, USA (719) 215-9292
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Dental Health And Wellness
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I would highly recommend Dr. Chris Brady to anyone who is looking for a great Dentist. I first went in to see him for an overlay that had cracked on one of my back molars. After Dr. Brady fixed that he noticed the implant in my front tooth that I had for 20 plus years was loose, infected and not doing too good. He then replaced it with a zirconia implant! Dr. Brady was a perfectionist when it came to the front tooth since it is very noticeable. He took his time and sent the tooth back to the lab a few times to get the color and size correct. Now my tooth and the gums around it look healthier and 10 times better than it did before! Thank you Dr. Brady and your amazing staff for all the great work!

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