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Mat & Ash Photography
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The only negative thing I could say about Mat + Ash would be to note the difficulty in letting them do their fabulous jobs, because when they shot my wedding all I wanted to do was bask in their radiant charisma (which, in my defense was nearly undeniable). I was literally racking my brain trying to think of a better duo, but I’ve reached the conclusion that in all of history they’re the best thing since Simon + Garfunkel. When I reviewed the photos they had taken at my wedding, I was actually struck with the sudden urge to divorce my newly-minted husband and instead recommit myself to the flawless shots of that special day. There were many things we lost on November 1 and at times it feels as though the very sun was stolen from us. But the beauty Ashley, especially together with Mat (in terms of photography and otherwise), always saw in the world remains evident in the artistry, dedication and professionalism with which Mat + Ash execute their craft. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have worked with them in the past and look forward to sharing many memories in the future with Mat (and Ash ♡).

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