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Silver Hills Bakery

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Silver Hills Bakery
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What’s a sandwich without flavorful bread? Through much of my teenage years, I was quite ill, and it’s no coincidence that my health improved overall when I paid more attention to what I put into my body. I’ll say simply that I have spent years looking for a healthy option for bread. With Silver Hills products, I can say that I found it. I had heard frozen, fresh breads recommended to me by a few people, and, while in Target one day, I happened to see Silver Hills’ Squirrelly Bread near the bakery items. I had purchased one to try, not always impressed with the results of health products for one reason or another. But I was wrong. The bread was packed with nutrients, it was filling, and perhaps, most important of all, it had great flavor. I’ve tried the three varieties that my local store has offered, and all three have been the same–great nutrition, great price, great flavor, and fresh. Not only have I felt better after eating Silver Hills products and improving my overall diet, but I’m also letting a company that cares know that their work is certainly appreciated. Thank you Silver Hills. You have a customer for life.

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