Services Offered by a Tooth Implant Dentist

Services Offered by a Tooth Implant Dentist
In San Jose, California, many people find themselves in need of a tooth implant dentist. As the population ages, the demand for dentists who can fix missing teeth grows, and Dr. Natalie Provenzano has solutions.

Why It’s Important to Replace Missing Teeth

While missing teeth can affect your smile and confidence, many other factors are at play when you miss one or more teeth.
  • Risk of gum disease
  • Shifting between remaining teeth
  • Increased risk of cavities in natural teeth
  • Decreased clarity when speaking
  • Inefficient and uncomfortable chewing
Moreover, when you’re insecure about your smile, you may retreat inwardly and spend less time with other people. If this happens, you’re at risk of developing depression and even anxiety.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone. Because of this, dental implants look and function just like your natural tooth root.

Three Primary Types of Dental Implants

There are a few different options when it comes to dental implants. Your dental care team will work with you to decide which solution will work best for you.

Mini dental implants

With miniature implants, you get an implant that’s smaller than conventional implants. These mini-implants serve the purpose of supporting a complete denture, and they’re sometimes called full-mouth implants.

Single tooth implants

A single dental implant may be your best solution if you’re missing only one tooth. These dental implants are fixed into the jawbone where your natural tooth used to be. Then, a dental crown is created to be placed onto the abutment.

Multiple teeth implants

A dental bridge can be an excellent solution for patients who are missing several teeth. Dental bridges are ideal for people who are missing several teeth in a row. If you have a bridge, you also have the option to have an implant-supported bridge.

Tooth Implant Dentist in San Jose, California

Dr. Or Simel, DDS/MD is a Board-Certified Oral Surgeon who placed implants and works in the office of Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc. For more information. You can reach us at (408) 226-2542 or request an online appointment.
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