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Experiencing dental pain? Seek treatment in Central HK

Dental pain is a common reason patients seek the help of a dentist in Central HK. Dr. Titania Tong sees patients outside of their regularly scheduled examinations when they are experiencing problems with their smile. This may mean damage to […]

Discover your unique oral microbiome with a simple saliva test

Our bodies are hosts to trillions of microorganisms, some of which are beneficial for our health while others are detrimental to it. In recent years, you have likely read about the importance of gut health and how the diversity of […]

Your cosmetic dentist in Central HK provides care tailored to you

Image is important to most people today, even those of us who are not constantly in the public eye. Dr. Tong and her caring staff understand that our patients want to feel good about their smiles. She also understands that […]

Benefits of amalgam-free dental care

For many decades, dentists have readily used metal amalgam when placing dental fillings for cavities. While amalgam is effective at restoring the shape of a tooth after decay,  it is composed of 50 percent mercury, which has been well-established as […]

Dentist in Central HK provides guidance on which cosmetic dentistry services will enhance your smile

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any procedure or set of procedures that enhances the appearance of the smile. Patients who reside in Central HK are quickly discovering the benefits that come with visiting a highly trained and skilled cosmetic dentist. Nearly […]

Benefits of professional teeth whitening at your dentist office

When you think of other people with great smiles, one of the common factors they all share is having bright, white teeth. A sparkling pearly white smile naturally signals that you are healthy and vibrant, whereas dull and yellowed teeth […]

How cosmetic dental services can enhance your smile

Your smile is one of your most important facial features and tends to be one of the first things somebody notices about you. If you find yourself covering your teeth or are embarrassed to smile or speak in front of […]

Experience painless dental services with sedation dentistry and a gentle touch

Dental phobias and fears are a very real and stressful part of receiving dental care for many people. In fact, millions of people worldwide fail to receive the dental care that they need every year because dental anxieties are holding […]

HK dentist explains the best options for teeth whitening

It happens to nearly everyone. At some point, we smile into the mirror and notice that our teeth have lost their whiteness. What used to be a sparkling smile has now become dull, yellowed, or stained. It can be disheartening […]

Dentist in central HK describes the purpose of root canal treatment

At the practice of Dr. Titania Tong in Central, HK, patients in the area can ask about the benefits of a variety of procedures, including root canal therapy. This treatment has a purpose, providing patients with a way of addressing […]

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